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The Government of South Africa has set out the vision of ‘an active and winning nation’ where participation levels and international success in sport are increased. Sport is recognised as a basic human right and as an important contributor to the quality of life for the citizens of the country. Sport is also seen as ‘fostering inclusive citizenship and nation building.’ This vision is positioned within the wider transformational agenda which has prioritised inclusive citizenship; nation building; physical well-being; skills development; job creation.

Sport coaching has a key role to play in delivering transformation, as well as an active and winning nation. Coaches provide positive experiences in sport for millions of South Africans every year. Through their work, coaches recruit and retain participants to support the mass participation agenda and they provide the guidance necessary for athletes to progress to performance and high performance levels. Coaching is in a pivotal position to support transformation in that it promotes engagement and inclusion, contributes to the health and well-being of the nation and provides skill development opportunities for the sports participants and for the coaches themselves.

Development Program held @ Oudtshoorn on 26/08/2016 




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